Starbucks is preparing to open a new coffee shop in Melbourne

The world’s biggest coffee company has revealed plans to open an entirely new branch of its Melbourne flagship in the city’s CBD.

Starbucks is also set to open the first store in the suburbs of Melbourne’s outer west, and plans to start work on a second in the CBD.

In a statement, the company said it was “building an exciting new cafe and coffee shop at the site of a former Starbucks store in Melbourne’s west”.

“The new store will feature a brand new coffee bar and café with a range of locally sourced and roasted coffee beans, and will provide a unique experience for our customers,” it said.

The cafe and café will be open daily, and the new Starbucks branch will open in the first half of next year.

“We are very excited to partner with Melbourne’s first independent coffee bar,” Starbucks chief executive David Carter said.

“Our new cafes in Melbourne will be a great addition to the Melbourne coffee scene and help us continue to grow our global reach and to become the industry leader in the Australian coffee industry.”

Starbucks opened its Melbourne branch in 2012 and it now has nearly 2,000 outlets in the country.

The company has also announced plans to add a cafe in the northern suburbs of Port Hedland and in Sydney’s CBD next year and in the southern suburbs of Launceston and Ipswich in 2019.

Starbuck, which is owned by Swedish-based Starbucks Holdings AB, is the world’s second-largest coffee brand after Starbucks, with more than 2.4 billion cups of coffee brewed globally.

“In a world where consumers are increasingly looking for more convenience and taste, Starbucks has developed a range for customers that includes a new and innovative cafe in Melbourne and a coffee bar in the heart of Sydney,” Starbucks’ chief operating officer, Mike DeLuca, said in a statement.

“Starbucks Melbourne will provide the best coffee in the world and will continue to attract a diverse group of coffee lovers from across the world.”

With our commitment to Australian-owned, local brands, we are investing in a world-class coffee experience that will help to deliver a great experience for all customers.

“The new cafe will be opened by Starbucks’ existing Melbourne branch, located at 16th and Caulfield streets.

The coffee bar will be on the ground floor of the new cafe.

Starbucks is owned and operated by Swedish company Starbuck, with its first store opening in Melbourne in 2012.

The new Melbourne branch will be the first Starbucks branch to open in Melbourne since 2012, with other branches to be opened in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart and Hobart.

Starbus is currently expanding its Melbourne office to include other parts of Australia, including New South Wales and Tasmania.

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