The world’s best stores are now open: Where are they now?

Televangelist Pat Robertson says he has a plan for America’s grocery stores, but it’s a long shot to be successful: “The first thing is to get them open and let them be as successful as possible,” Robertson said.

The first part of his plan includes buying some more land.

He says he’s already sold 10 acres of land in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia.

“The second thing is I’m trying to get the rest of America to come into this,” he said.

“And let me tell you what I mean by that.

We are in a race to be first.”

Robertson is an evangelist for his ministry, The 700 Club, and a major supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

I have a vision of what America should be, he said on his website.

I’m a businessman, and I’ve got a vision for this country.

Robertson is a huge Trump supporter, but has said he would not vote for Trump in the November election.

He is also a major Trump donor.

Trump said on Twitter that Robertson was “foolish.”

“Pat Robertson is so desperate for attention, he just tweeted that I am ‘foolishly stupid,’ ” Trump said in a series of tweets.

Robertsson said his website is a place where “people can share their dreams, learn, find a way to help themselves and others, and celebrate the things that make America great.”

If you’re a store owner, Robertson said, “Please take the time to understand your customers.

They are people.

And the most important thing is that they know that they are loved, they are valued, and they deserve to be treated with respect.”

The 700 Club website also encourages followers to make donations to a national non-profit that supports children with special needs, as well as the National Association of Special Needs (NASL).

Robertsons’ website features a quote from President Trump, who he said has a “fantastic record of helping the disabled.”

“Pat’s been one of the most outspoken people in our country for a long time,” Trump said.

Robertson said Trump “is someone that I think has the moral fiber and the backbone to take on the biggest bullies in this country.”

He also tweeted, “Pat Robertson has proven time and time again that he’s a big fan of President Trump and he loves America!”

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