Medical News Updates: Nicky D’s telegram – New info about his new condition

The telegram to his wife says he is going to a new hospital in a few days.

He says he has been feeling fine but his condition is not the same.

His condition isnt a chronic illness like my friend is.

I dont have any more problems than my friends and heres nothing that would keep me out of a hospital, he says.

His new condition is the result of a severe viral infection.

He is also now receiving a new blood transfusion.

His new blood type is A1.

He is receiving a type A transfusion as well.

His wife says that he doesnt know how to answer these questions and its a huge relief to hear.

Nicky isnt sure how long he will be in hospital.

Nicky says his condition doesnt seem to be worsening.

He said he is doing OK but he cant remember anything from yesterday.

He doesnt know when he will get to see his family again.

Nicky said he cant talk about his condition because of the fear that it would scare people away from donating blood.

He thinks if youre really serious about donating blood and can do the things he has done, he could save lives.

The Telegraph reported that Nicky has had a heart attack recently and has been treated with anti-coagulants.

(ABC News: Chris Hales) Nickymax says the virus can cause death but its not life threatening.

Nickymox says that while he doesnt feel fine, he isnt scared, he just doesnt know what is going on.

“I dont want to think about it.

I don’t know what else to do,” he said.

A doctor told the telegraph that the virus has not killed him but the doctor says it is likely that it will in the future.

It has been a long road to recovery from the disease, but Nicky said his wife and family are all very proud of him and that theyre all happy to be reunited.

They said they will always be grateful for the support they received.

Macon Telegraph (ABC News) More to come.


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