How to find a place to work on the road

The city’s road planners have put in place a system that will let anyone drive to work.

It is part of a pilot project that will see the city’s roads expanded by around 300,000 people.

Roads are a big part of life in the city, but the roads that are built in a given year are limited to the most congested areas of the city.

A team of local planners have worked out a way to connect commuters with the right road network and to connect them to other jobs.

The project is part on a pilot scheme that will expand the city to about 400,000.

More about the pilot scheme, roadworks,britain,bristol,south-west article A large number of workers will be required to travel to work and, in the long run, the system will save money.

Workers can then use a smartphone app to find places to work, and if they want to work from home, they can access the roads via their smartphone app.

Some of the roads are already in use and will be expanded over the next three years, with around 30,000 workers needed to commute by road every day.

There will also be a dedicated bus stop at the end of each street to allow people to get to work in safety and at a reasonable time.

One of the biggest challenges the project will face is making sure that the roads have enough space for people to walk and take their time, according to Paul Manton, director of the road planning and development team.

“We are working very closely with the local authorities, the city and the public to ensure that the right roads and the right routes are available,” he said.

Manton said there was a need to find alternative ways of getting people from their jobs to their jobs.

“This is about finding a solution for the urban environment that is more than just a means of transport,” he added.

South-west England’s road network is already being stretched by construction work.

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