Shoe Palace says it is working with retailers to promote its new range of footwear

Shoe Palaces, the retail arm of luxury shoe giant Shoe Carnival, is set to release its first-ever branded shoes at a special event on Monday.

The Shoe Party at the Shoe Paradise at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Melbourne, which has been running since 1879, will feature a range of shoes for sale, including a pair of ‘tribute’ shoes made by iconic footwear brand Nike.

The event will also see Shoe Gardens open to the public for the first time.

Shoe Parties are popular events at retail outlets, particularly when it comes to footwear, and have become a way to introduce brands and retailers to new consumers.

Shoes are often offered for sale as part of a larger deal, which often includes a discount for the shopper.

Shoppers are invited to enter a competition to win one of these shoes, which typically includes a free pair of shoes.

A special event Shoe Parades have also become an annual event at Australian malls, where shopper can buy shoes and other goods in a contest to win prizes.

In 2016, the Royal Australian College of GPs said the Shoppeshop, Shoe Store and Shoe Room had helped increase the number of people with a GP’s appointment, but said shoppers had to look at what they were buying to make informed decisions.

The Royal Australian Academy of Social Workers has also called for more shopping for mental health issues, saying the rise in shopping in Australia has increased anxiety, depression and substance abuse among people with mental health problems.

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