‘The first time I cried’: Televangelist tells of ‘deep emotional crisis’

TELL ME MORE Televison evangelist David Barton says he cried as he watched the first televised debate between the two major parties.

“I cried when we watched it,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“The first thing I did was say, ‘You know what, I can’t do it anymore, this is not the time’.”

Barton’s words were a rare public expression of public anxiety over the first major debate since the election, and the fallout from it. “

The first three minutes of it were like nothing I’ve seen on TV before.”

Barton’s words were a rare public expression of public anxiety over the first major debate since the election, and the fallout from it.

“The moment we saw Trump, it was, ‘OK, it’s time to go and cry’,” he said.

He told ABC he was “just a bit nervous” but added that “I was able to take it”.

“It’s very rare to see an emotional crisis so early in the process,” he said, describing the emotional impact of the debate.

Barrett has also spoken publicly about his personal experience of anxiety about the election.

The televangelist and author has described his anxiety as a “disease”, and has previously said the country needs a “wake up call” about the dangers of Donald Trump.

ABC’s Dan Teasdale (@DanTeasdale) September 8, 2020Barton told the ABC that “all the emotions I have were triggered” by the election result, and that his anxiety had been “really, really bad”.

He said he was in the “crisis zone” before the election and said he believed that he had suffered “a very deep emotional crisis”.

“I have been very clear that I believe that it was a disease, a malady, and I think it was probably triggered by the fact that we didn’t get the message about climate change,” he added.

Telegraph Australia’s Paul McBride reports from Melbourne.

Topics:elections,government-and-politics,britain,melbourne-3000,vicSource: ABC News (Originally published: September 8)

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