The New York Times obituarist is a bit of a cheat, and it could be costing the newspaper the Pulitzer Prize

The New York City Times obituary is an artful exercise in obituarial irony.

The obituuary is, quite simply, an advertisement for a newspaper.

The headline is a little misleading, but it does convey that it is intended as a news story.

The story begins with the news that a man named Mark S. had died, but the obit was not a news article.

It is merely a news item, like the news item itself, written by a man who was not Mark S., but whose name was Mark Sessons.

The New Yorker obit in 2001 was more like the Times obits of the day, and the New York Post obit of this year was even more like a New York Daily News obit.

The Times obiter is like a newspaper that had to decide who it wanted to publish its obit, and that decision made its obituary more valuable than a newspaper with a different name.

It’s an art form, a genre of writing.

But the Times and the Post are not the only ones.

It has been argued that the obituations of newspapers are more valuable because they are the product of their times.

In this article, we examine the historical evidence that shows that, in the case of the New Yorker and the Washington Post, their obituaries were more valuable in their time.

What about the Times?

How do its obits compare to the other major newspapers in its time?

It’s a fascinating subject, one that will not be explored here.

But it is something that we should consider when reading the obits.

In an article written by James K. Walsh, a professor of English at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and published in the April 2007 issue of the Journal of American History, Walsh found that the Times was much more valuable as a source of information in the late 18th century than in the mid-20th.

In the early 18th Century, the New England newspapers, which had been operating for over a century before they became part of the United States, were owned by the New Netherland Company, which was a monopoly of the British Empire.

The company was founded by the Earl of Derby, who ruled England between 1745 and 1749.

In 1752, Derby’s son William was elected to the English Parliament and was given the title Lord Derby.

The name of Derby was derived from the name of the town in which he lived, Chester, which is what is now New York, and which he founded in 1730.

William also established the New Jersey Company, founded by a British aristocrat named John Dyer.

Derby was a prominent figure in the American Revolution and the founding of the new country.

The American colonies had been founded by people who had been enslaved and had fought against their own government.

It was not until the American Revolutionary War in 1775 that the New Englishman colonies, which formed part of what is today the United Kingdom, were incorporated as a part of Britain.

The reason that the American revolution and the establishment of the American colonies came about in a way that created a monopoly on information was that people in America had no way of getting information about what was going on in their own country, because they were not citizens of the empire.

There was no such thing as a free press, but people did have the right to write and publish their own opinions, and so they did.

The British empire, on the other hand, was a monarchy ruled by the Crown.

So they had to pay people to write news, and then they paid them to publish it, and those people were the newspaper owners, and they were paid for the privilege of owning a newspaper, so it was very easy for the Crown to pay the newspaper proprietors.

And so they were able to make sure that newspapers were not independent of their royal owners, which meant that they were a monopoly.

So the newspapers that existed before the American republic were owned and controlled by the newspaper owner.

So that is the very first thing that the British empire had to deal with in order to make their own newspapers work.

And this is why, at the same time that newspapers like the New Republic, the Weekly Standard, the Evening Post, and other papers in England were able have such a monopoly, they also had to protect their own interests and keep the British press from interfering with them.

So newspapers had to be careful not to be too independent of the royal press, so that the newspaper owned by Derby would not interfere with the British Crown.

In a similar vein, the British government owned newspapers in order for the British public to be able to read the newspapers, so newspapers would not be controlled by a single company, and newspapers would have the ability to speak to the people.

And they would also be able, because newspapers had a monopoly over the British state, to talk

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