‘Happy’ to see happy news: Jeep TJs are back in the headlines – with no sign of Happy KFC

Happy is a popular brand of fried chicken, but many customers have found a new source of joy in the form of the Jeep TJ.

Happy is a brand of fast food.

It is famous for its Happy Meal and its Happy Burger.

But it has also recently been the subject of an unhappy Twitter feud with a disgruntled customer.

The Happy burger, which is made with a crispy chicken patty coated with cheese, may be more than a little unappetising.

“I’ve never had a Happy Burger and the TJ is a disappointment,” tweeted @dylan_jones.

“I will be very unhappy if they are getting back to the Happy Meal with the same old ingredients.

What about Happy KFB?”

Another Twitter user complained: “KFC is still trying to do the Happy KFRD?

I hate the TJ.

It was my favourite and I’m not sure they should be back to it with the Chicken.”

KFC responded: “Our Happy Meal was made with real chicken, which comes from a real farm, with real ingredients, and it was delicious.

We love to take pride in making great meals and Happy Meal is a great way to celebrate that.”

A spokesman for KFC said: “We’re pleased that we are bringing back our popular Happy Meal.

All our Happy Meals are made with Real Chicken, which can be found in many supermarkets and restaurants around the world.

Our chicken is 100% free of antibiotics and no animal products, and we have a zero-tolerance policy on any form of foodborne illness.

If you have any questions about our Happy Meal, please contact us via our contact us page.

Happy KFC is also happy to return Happy Meal for the next Happy Meal season.

For more on the controversy, watch: Happy Meal comes back in new guise, with chicken More Happy Food: Happy Meats, Happy KFMs, Happy Meads, Happy Sizzles

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