When you need a phone without the hassle of buying an expensive SIM card reader, there’s a way to do it for free.

Hackers have released a tool that allows anyone to buy a SIM card for free and then use it as a prepaid phone, with no data or data caps.

The hack works by tricking phones into thinking they have a SIM when in fact it has a SIM-only slot.

It’s not the first time hackers have used SIM-based methods to get around data caps, and it’s not even the first SIM card hack.

In 2014, hackers successfully tricked a Sony Xperia smartphone into thinking it had a 2G SIM, and then used it as an extra SIM to charge its phone.

“This SIM hack is the best SIM hack of them all,” says Samy Kamkar, a researcher at the UK’s Computer Emergency Response Team.

“It’s pretty well-known, but this is the first example where we’ve seen a complete hack of a SIM.”

Kamkar is part of a team of researchers working on a project called SIMCAT that aims to make it easier for people to access phones with no network access.

According to Kamkar’s team, SIMCATS will be available later this year, and the hackers are currently working on how to implement the hack without causing any harm.

Kamelkar told TechCrunch that SIMCats could potentially be used by anyone, even if they don’t have a phone with a SIM slot.

“If you want to use this for a long time, you can get a SIM from a carrier and you can use this SIM card as a SIM.

And the same goes for an AT&T SIM,” he said.

For now, the hack only works with phones with a 2.5GHz or 5GHz band, and not on newer devices, like smartphones.

But it does mean that SIM cards are no longer restricted to only people who own a smartphone.

SIMCAT was first released in 2014 by researchers from the UK government’s National Cyber Security Centre.

It’s currently used by several major carriers, including T-Mobile and AT&am.

The SIMCATT team is also working on another SIM card-based hack that will let users access the same phones without a phone, though that is still a long way off.

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