How to make your own chocolate chip cookies – with an ice cream maker

A homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe using an ice-cream maker will be the most popular in a fortnight, according to the new UK-wide survey.

The survey, which has been conducted by social media analytics firm Mixpanel, found that chocolate chip Cookies from the likes of Bunnings, Lidl, Tesco and even the new Tesco bakery, all feature prominently in the survey results.

While the survey found that the cookie recipe is by far the most searched for, the most commonly used recipe was using a hand mixer to make cookies, with 30% of the participants choosing to make them in the oven.

“The popularity of hand-mixing chocolate chip recipes has grown significantly in recent years, particularly among older adults,” the study authors said.

“As well as providing an easier and quicker way to make chocolate chip Cookie recipes, the use of an ice machine for ice cream makes them even more appealing.”

This is because a hand-held ice-maker will be easier to maintain and use, with ice cubes being more likely to clump together and not to melt, according the researchers.

This is in contrast to other recipes, where a traditional mixer would be necessary.

“In general, the older the person is, the more likely they are to prefer using an electric mixer,” said study author and lecturer in social media at University College London, David Lidz.

“There is also a greater preference for making a batch of cookies from scratch rather than making individual cookies.”

It’s also easier to find out which cookies are made in a traditional ice-making process than other cookies.

“It’s quite obvious which cookies you are making, and there is more of a preference for hand-making than using an automatic ice-temperatureing device,” Lidzel said.

This means that most older adults are going to prefer a traditional, hand-crafted recipe over a more automated, digital one.

“This is certainly one area where technology can make a difference, as it can make it easier to create the cookies that people want,” Liddesley added.

“While it may not be a major change for older adults, it does have a positive impact on people of all ages.”

“The fact that it’s easier to get the cookie ingredients in the freezer and then use the oven can be a great bonus, too.”

The researchers also found that older people were most likely to say they’d prefer a cookie recipe to a cookie-making one, with the youngest group preferring the old fashioned way.

“They prefer the old-fashioned way because it’s a more traditional way to do things,” Lidsley said.

“However, they are more likely than the younger adults to prefer making their own cookies, so they have a greater understanding of how this process works.”

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Mixpanel said it was excited to see how these results would be received.

“Our survey findings demonstrate the strong demand for a handcrafted cookie recipe, with older adults and people with disabilities showing a higher preference for it than people of other age groups,” it said.

A study into the impact of climate change on people’s food consumption was also conducted by Mixpanel.

“Climate change is a serious issue and we hope our survey findings will help us to understand the implications of changing climate for the future and the impacts of the climate on the food we eat,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“We look forward to sharing more insights into the science behind our survey, as well as the responses of our consumers and the communities that we work with.”

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Read more about the survey here

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