The best places to eat in Sydney’s CBD

With the weather getting colder, it’s becoming harder to get in the city’s CBD to enjoy the CBD’s delicious food.

So, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best places in the CBD to eat, drink and watch live entertainment, whether you’re in town for work or leisure.


Bayswater Bar The Bayswaters Bar, a classic pub in the heart of the CBD, has become a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

It’s a casual spot, with a relaxed vibe and lots of tables to play games and have a good time.

Batsong Café and Cafe, 2.

Bancroft Hotel The Bancrotts Bar has become one of Sydney’s best places for a night out.

The venue has been the heart and soul of the community for years and has become an iconic part of the city, with its iconic and distinctive red tiled walls and the Bancrots name on the door.

The Banchors, 3.

The Queen’s Bar The Queen is one of the oldest bars in Sydney, dating back to 1836.

It has been a popular spot for generations for local residents and visitors alike to hang out, socialise and relax.

The place is a place where you can enjoy a good pint, chat with a friend and watch the live entertainment.

Belsite Café and Bar, 4.

The Royal Melbourne Hotel The Royal, a Victorian landmark that has stood as the heartstone of Melbourne for over 200 years, has always been a destination for locals and visitors.

There are a few great pubs in the area and if you are in the mood for a drink, you can get a seat at The Queens bar, which is always packed.

It is known for its award-winning beers and cocktails, as well as its live music and dining.

The Dufferin Street Lounge, 5.

The Ritz Hotel The Riff, one of Melbourne’s most famous hotels, has been known as one of Australia’s most exclusive hotels since its opening in 1882.

With its famous glass doors and the classic Riff logo, the hotel has always attracted guests from around the world.

The rooms are luxurious and include air-conditioning, a bar and private balcony.

The King Edward Hotel, 6.

The Victoria Hotel The Victoria is one the most famous buildings in the world and is also a landmark of the Victorian city of Melbourne.

With an impressive building, it is a unique landmark in the City of Melbourne and has been home to the famous Royal Melbourne Orchestra for generations.

It also houses the Queen Elizabeth II residence, the Queen Mary Hotel and the Royal Adelaide Hotel.

The Swanston Hotel, 7.

The Copley Hotel The Swanseys Hotel has become known for it’s excellent service and atmosphere.

It houses a number of famous restaurants and bars, as it is known as a great location to watch live sporting events.

The Hotel has also hosted many world events including the Olympics in 2020.

It was the first hotel to offer free WiFi, which has now become a staple in Sydney.

It recently became one of only a handful of hotels to offer the ‘Wifi Tour’ which is a free, guided tour around the hotel.

The V&P Hotel, 8.

The Gold Coast Hotel The Goldcoats Hotel, which was established in 1871, is a landmark in Sydney for its unique architecture.

Built in 1790, it has been one of Victoria’s most successful and iconic buildings.

The building is known to be one of those most important buildings in Melbourne, hosting many international events.

It currently houses the Royal Melbourne Hospital and is the only building to be awarded the prestigious Order of Australia in 2010.

The Parnell Hotel, 9.

The Great Hall Hotel The Pangas, the city-wide historic landmark, is one to remember.

It hosts many historic events including Victoria Day and the Australian Olympic Games.

The buildings main attraction is the Great Hall, which houses the largest auditorium in the state.

It sits on top of a hill overlooking the Yarra River.

The hotel has a very comfortable rooftop lounge and is famous for its beautiful indoor pool.

The Harbour Club, 10.

The Opera House The Opera houses many of Sydney city’s most prestigious theatres, including the Sydney Opera House, The Royal Opera House and The Swan Theatre.

The Sydney Opera is one an iconic building in Sydney and is an institution for the city.

The iconic building has been recognised with many prestigious awards.

In addition to being the seat of the City Council, the building was also a major attraction during the world wars.

The Grand Opera House has become the site of many world famous events including Formula One and the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Waverley Hotel, 11.

The Central Station The Wavys, a luxury hotel, has grown over the years and is one one of Europe’s largest hotels.

The room can be booked from a number in the rooms lobby or can be reserved for you from the restaurant

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