A new theory says the Australian economy is actually worse than the average

A new explanation of the economy’s performance and a prediction of a boom in the coming months could mean that the Australian public’s view of it has been skewed.

Key points: The government says the unemployment rate is at its lowest level since the financial crisis.

The government has also announced a package of measures to try and revive growth.

The ABC’s James Aird reports.

With the unemployment and underemployment figures for the July quarter now in, economists are still grappling with what exactly happened.

“We are actually on the lower side of the Australian economic spectrum, so there are many things that are driving that,” said David Kern, senior economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Kern told the ABC there are a number of explanations for the recent economic contraction.

For example, it could be the arrival of summer holidays in the Northern Territory and Queensland, he said.

He added that the economy was “pretty strong”, with a rebound in retail sales, and that “it is going to get a lot stronger”.

“But there are also a number more fundamental reasons,” he said, including the fact that “the economy is really in a bit of a tailspin”.

“In the last two years, the mining sector has been really, really strong,” he added.

But Kern acknowledged the unemployment figures were “pretty bad”.

He also suggested the unemployment figure was an “inaccurate reflection” of what was actually happening in the economy.

If you look at the figures from August last year, which were the lowest on record, they were actually pretty good.

When you look over the last five months, that is probably a bit lower than it was last year,” he told the program.


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