What a week for the Republican Party

President Donald Trump’s surprise resignation of former Vice President Mike Pence has left his party in a state of disarray.

Here are a few takeaways from the week ahead:1.

Trump will continue to defend his administration.

This is not going to change.

He will continue his fight for conservatives, even if it means he will lose some support.

The GOP will have to try to find new, more effective ways to win over voters, and Trump has no intention of relinquishing the fight.2.

Trump and Pence are not the only GOP figures to have lost a fight.

Senators Richard Burr and Mark Kirk have also been unable to gain enough support to get into the Senate majority.

The loss of their support could mean they cannot get the 60 votes necessary to pass a health care bill, which would put them on the brink of failure.3.

The Senate will have an opportunity to act quickly.

Democrats can win back control of the Senate next year.

Republicans are likely to use this to push through a health bill without Democratic support.4.

Trump can’t afford to be caught unprepared.

Trump has a plan for dealing with his biggest challenge.

The president needs to know he is in the right place to make a decisive decision.5.

The fight will not end with a tweet.

It will take weeks of hard work to make Republicans on Capitol Hill fully aware of what’s at stake.6.

Trump is a master of messaging.

The Trump era will not be defined by a single tweet.

His team will be prepared for the backlash, and they will be ready to defend him in the weeks ahead.7.

The battle over health care is not over.

This fight is not finished.

Republicans will have a chance to move the country forward and restore some order to the nation’s health care system.8.

Democrats will be in the spotlight again.

This battle will be remembered for the last time, with a series of midterm elections in 2018.

Democrats will be able to paint Republicans as a party of obstructionism, and that will hurt their chances of winning back control in the House.

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