Which games will be available on Google TV?

The search giant is set to launch a streaming service that streams its own games on a number of different devices including Android TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, Apple TV and PlayStation 4.

The service, dubbed Google TV for the streaming service’s first year, will be powered by a new, customised Android app called Google TV.

The app will also include a selection of pre-configured games from a wide range of Google games studios, including Google Play and Amazon Prime Video.

It is a big move for Google as it is the only company that has yet to release an Android TV streaming app.

Google said it was working to make the service compatible with as many devices as possible, including the Roku and Apple TV.

Its announcement follows a raft of other major launches for Android TV.

In April, Amazon introduced a streaming app that was also available on Amazon’s Amazon Fire TV box, which is already available to a large number of devices.

Google also announced a subscription-based subscription service that allows users to stream games from the Google Play store for $20 per month.

The service was only available in the US, though the service is also available in several European countries.

Amazon has also launched its own subscription-only streaming service called Amazon Prime Music that is available to streaming devices in the UK, Australia and Canada.

Other streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Netflix are also available to the Google TV service.

It comes as Google also announced the launch of a Google TV app for the Xbox One console, which will include a wide selection of Google’s own games, including Gears of War, Call of Duty: Black Ops, The Simpsons, Street Fighter, Star Wars Battlefront and a selection from its YouTube division.

Google has previously revealed that it plans to invest $10bn in the Android TV platform, with the aim of expanding the platform’s reach beyond Google’s core Google Play catalogue.

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