Which Australian restaurant is the best?

If you thought sushi was the best thing to eat in the country, think again.

Here are the best restaurants in the state.

The restaurant guide: When the sushi bar opened in Brisbane in June 2015, it was already the most popular sushi bar in the world.

It became the subject of a documentary, The Good Wife.

But the restaurant’s success has not been limited to Brisbane.

In Townsville, The Great American Restaurant and Bar opened in 2016.

The restaurant, which has become the subject’s favourite, is now on a journey to become the city’s most popular restaurant, with the first guests arriving on Saturday.

“It’s like a little island in Brisbane.

I don’t know where to start, but I think the first step would be to tell you what the restaurant is about,” said owner Tom Fazio.

Mr Faziio, who was born in Queensland, has opened more than 100 restaurants across the world, with his first restaurant in Australia.

He said he decided to start his business with a simple concept: “I think sushi is a very simple thing, a very inexpensive thing, so we thought, ‘Let’s make it something that’s more sophisticated and expensive than a sushi bar’.” The chef’s take: The menu at The Great America is a little more complex than that of the restaurant itself.

But it’s still fairly simple, with a lot of dishes on offer.

The most basic dish is a rice bowl filled with fried fish, which is served with rice and a bowl of katsu-rochi, which you can eat with rice.

You can also choose between a variety of sauces and toppings such as sesame seeds or seaweed.

The dishes that are offered are also cheaper, at around $7-9 a head, and come in many different flavours.

“It’s not a big menu, but it’s definitely more expensive than the sushi bars we’ve had in Queensland,” Mr Fazios said.

There are also different sushi bar options in Townsville.

In May, the restaurant opened its second location in the suburb of Southport.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can check out what the chef is cooking at The Good Woman.

“The chef really likes making sushi,” Mr Mihalopoulos said.

“She loves it.

She loves it so much, she just wants to do more.

She wants to go into the world of sushi.

I just love that she wants to be doing that.”

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