When are you going to get that tattoo? – The Telegraph

Happy’s Pizza, one of the best pizza restaurants in Sydney, has become the latest business to get a celebrity tattoo, with comedian Gianino Brazzolari, former NFL star Peyton Manning and actor Ryan Gosling among those who have been given the iconic sign.

“When the idea came to me I said ‘why not?

I’ve got my own tattoo,'” Mr Brazzollaris, 51, told The Australian newspaper.

“The funny thing is, I’ve had a lot of fun with it, and I think it’s a very funny way to get people’s attention.”

It comes after Mr Gosling and Mr Manning, who played opposite each other on ABC comedy show, The Simpsons, and are now married, also got their tattoos.

“I’ve had the same thing tattooed on my arm for over 20 years,” Mr Goslings, 36, said.

“That’s a pretty good tattoo for a comedian.”

The former football star, who has recently turned his back on the NFL to concentrate on a career in acting, added: “It’s a cool tattoo.

I love it.”

Comedian Ryan Goslings also got a tattoo after getting his tattoo, as do former NFL player Peyton Manning.

Photo: Matt Golding, News Corp Australia Mr Goslsons wife, actress Jennifer Garner, also received a tattoo on her right arm after the pair’s marriage broke down.

She said she didn’t even have to ask for it because the tattoo artist “did it right on the spot”.

“He took it and said ‘this is what it says’ so I was like ‘oh, ok’.”

She was pretty pleased that it was a celebrity.

‘They were so funny and so talented’ “We’re just so lucky that we get to do it every day, every day,” she added. “

They were the two that really stuck out,” she said.

‘They were so funny and so talented’ “We’re just so lucky that we get to do it every day, every day,” she added.

“And they’re both just so funny, they’re so talented.”

Mr Goslin was the first to get his tattoo and was the last to get one of his own, after his wife Jennifer got hers in 2012.

“We got the last one of hers last year and I was quite happy with it,” he said.

Mr Goslins said he did not want to get any more famous.

“There’s so many people I would get another tattoo of, but I’m not into that,” he added.

‘You don’t know how many times I’ve seen this’ When it comes to celebrities getting tattoos, Mr Goslinson said: “I don’t think it has ever been more than a few, and then the ones that have been the most famous have been really memorable.”

“They’ve done it so often that you don’t have to say ‘OK, where did this come from?’

I’ve been lucky enough to get all of them, and it’s very memorable.”

The first celebrity tattoo was done by Mr Goslon, a former basketball player, on his right arm, in 1992.

The former NBA player said he wanted to get more famous, and wanted to be seen as a role model.

“You can’t go to a movie or something and just get a tattoo and have it be cool,” he told the ABC.

“So, I wanted to become a famous person in my own right.”

‘It’s not really about fame, it’s about what you stand for’ Mr Gosolins wife said.

She told The Daily Telegraph the tattoo was a result of the time they spent together, working at a pizza joint in Melbourne.

“It was all about the business,” she told the newspaper.

The tattoo has a “lone wolf” image that reads: “My name is Ryan Goslin.

You will not find me in this world.”

Comedia Ryan Goslinski, known as Mr Gosler, has had a variety of tattoos in the past.

Photo : Supplied “It is so funny because people don’t realise how famous I am,” Mr Roslinski said.

The celebrity tattoo has been on display at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre since 2012.

The venue’s owner, Paul Wigfield, told the news agency the venue would not be able to accommodate more tattoos.

“We can’t accommodate more than three people in the same room,” he was quoted as saying.

“If we get too many we will have to close it.”

The venue has since re-opened.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported the venue was planning to open a second location for its signature tattoo.

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