Why do the signs on a Michigan road remind me of a time I was there?

We’ve all seen the sign for the new highway through the heart of Detroit: The Teardrop, which takes you past the state’s capital, where it will eventually connect to Interstate 94.

It’s a simple idea, though.

The sign on the highway reads: A road that leads to the state capital is a road to nowhere.

And it’s not.

This is because, as we learned this week, Michigan’s road network is already so sparse and poorly maintained that it’s almost impossible to get from one point to another.

Here’s why.1.

It takes you from one place to anotherThere’s one other, much more direct, route to get to the other states of the state, but that route is a direct highway through Michigan’s westernmost counties, the counties that comprise the state of Michigan.

In fact, it’s one of the few direct routes to the rest of the United States.

But what if you want to get there, you’re not in the northernmost counties?

How do you get there?

Well, you’ve got to go east or west, and that’s a tricky one.

It depends on the time of year and your geographical location.

And that’s not an option for most people.

Here in Michigan, that means that most of the time you’ll have to drive the long, narrow, winding roads in the far east, and the short, narrow roads in Michigan’s easternmost counties.

And this can be a daunting challenge.

The road network in the westernmost areas of the county is so sparse that you’ll often be stuck on the wrong side of the road.

The most challenging part of the journey can be finding your way on the other side of that road.

And the more roads you have to cross, the harder it becomes to navigate.

If you’re lucky, you might even have a way back home.

But for the majority of people, that’s almost never the case.2.

It doesn’t offer enough room for a carThe most obvious way to get around Michigan’s roads is by using a car.

But there’s another option that doesn’t involve a car, and it doesn’t take as long to get back.

You could use a bicycle, and then ride a horse or a bike to get somewhere, but even then you’ll likely be using up a lot of space.

And if you don’t have a bicycle or a horse, you’ll need to use the bus or the bike to make the trip.

That’s not something you can easily do on a highway.

It also means you’ll be driving on the road a lot, because the roads have to be well-maintained and there are no designated stops.

And most of those roads are often clogged with debris.3.

It requires more time to get where you need to goIf you’ve ever driven through a major city, you know how long it takes to get anywhere.

And with a car it’s even longer.

And you might have a hard time getting home when the traffic is heavy.

But when you’re using a bike or a car you can make it home in less than a minute.

There’s a lot more room for your car to make it, and you can even go back home without needing to drive.

It really does feel like the world of transportation is getting more and more crowded.

But if you’re going to use a car in Michigan—and the vast majority of us are—you need to be careful not to get caught in traffic, or hit a car or a pedestrian.

There are plenty of other ways to get home safely.

And we’ll talk about them all in this week’s column.

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